mobile steam car washer with portable vacuum cleaner for door to door car wash

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Car Washer, mobile steam car washer
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Brand Name:
Model Number:
stainless steel
Net weight:
LPG(Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
door to door, portable, mobile
car interior, enigne, exterior wash
dry steam, wet steam
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
100 Unit/Units per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
1) Packing Material: Plywood Case
2) Case Qty: Two
3) Size: 1110*580*900mm + 515*795*535mm
4) Gross Weight: 180kgs
5) 20f container: 20sets
as requested
Lead Time :
Shipped in 5 days after payment

Mobile Steam Car Washer with Portable Vacuum Cleaner for Door to Door Car Wash


(CE Certificate) 

LPG Mobile Steam Car Washer for Door to Door Steam Car Wash
Dry Saturated Vapor or Interior&Engine CleaningWet Vapor for Exterior & Tire Cleaning


1. HA1190 Parameter:

Power Resource

LPG(Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

Max Fuel Consumption

2.4kg/h (Standby no loss)

Control Power

24V DC (2pcs of 12V rechargeable batteries)

Vapor Pressure

1.0 MPa (10bar or 145psi), saturated vapor pressure, not pump pressure

Vapor Gunjet No.

2 (can wash two cars at the same time continously)

Highest Vapor Temperature


Effective Operating Temperature


Water Consumption Rate


Humidity Adjustment

Available for dry and wet vapor

Continuous Work Time for Dry Vapor

Non-stop, 24hours All day long (Very Important)

Continuous Work Time for Wet Vapor

Non-stop, 24hours All day long

Tank Capacity

20 Liters

(Can automatically supply by external water connection)


Stainless steel, Hi-Q sodium silicate for

heat preservation & insulating


2. Application:

♦  Fixed Vapor Car Wash Shop     Door to Door Vapor Car Wash Services   Hosptical

♦ Food&Beverage&Wine Production Line Machinery&Facility Cleaning&Sterizling&Bad Smell Killing

Oil Field     Oil Machinery Production Line    Cosmetic Factory   Hotel&Resturant Kitchen

3. Steam Effect(Dry Vapor for Car Interior&Engine, Wet Vapor for Car Exterior):

 (Dry Steam is the core technology for vapor steam cleaner, wet vapor is just dry steam mixed with hot water, we can also call wet vapor as steam like micro water, thus please pay more attention on comparison on dry saturated vapor performance)


4. Customer Application:

(1) Fixed car wash shop:

(2) Door to door car wash and commercial/industrial vapor steam cleaning services:

1) Scooter Integrated with LPG Steam Car Washer          2) Van Carried with LPG Steam Car Washer& Battery Vacuum Cleaner


3) Trailler Installed with LPG Steam Car Washer                 4) Electric Tricycle Installed with LPG Steam Car Washer



5. Accessories & Spare Part List:



6. Heng'An Steam Car Washer & Industrial Steam Cleaner in Fairs:

( Canton Fair, Shanghai Frankford-hold "Automechenika Fair", Guangzhou AAITF fair, Zhengzhou CIAAF fair, etc.)

7. HA1190 LPG Steam Car Washer Delivery Preparation and Quality Inspection by Customer

1) Container Orders, seriously inspection and test for each machine

2) Warehouse Packing


8. Video for Heng'An Steam Car Washer & Industrial Steam Cleaner Performance:

1. Heng'An Vapor Steam Car Washer:

(1) Car Mat Steam Cleaning Performance:
(2) Steam Car Wash Process Demonstration:
2. Heng'An Industrial Vapor Steam Cleaner:
(1) Hotel Kitchen Oil Window Steam Cleaning&Sterilizing:
(2) Industrial Rusty Dirty Pump Cleanging:
(3) Industrial steam cleaning on production line heavy oil machinery parts:
3. 90bar high pressure water VS 10bar vapor steam cleaner
4. Heng'An Steam Technology and Steam Performance:
(1) How to choose a steam car washer:
(2) Comparison of Super Dry Saturated Steam and Dry Saturated Steam:
(3) 30KW Super Powerful Industrial Steam Cleaner:

9. Why Choosing Heng'An Steam Car Washer-Our Advantages:

1)Water& Energy Saving——1.5L, 0.8KW·H wash a car 2)Multi-function: Car inside, outside and engine washing——One Stop Wash
3)Steam Humidity Adjustment: stepless regulation4)Environment Friendly: Free from detergent, but wonderful cleaning effect
5)Disinfection and Smell Removing,360 degree no dead corner6)Mobile and Automacted Controlled: Texas imported chip, LCD display for working condition and defaults
7)Various Models: Saturated Steam & High Pressure   Micro Hot Water & Self Service & Customized models 8)Multiple Safety Protection Measure: Digital detecting(pressure, temperature, water level) and alarm protection system; Safety valve; Shutdown protections of over-pressure, water shortage, electricity leaking and accident.   
9)Durable: Stainless steel body, Hi-Q sodium silicate for heat preservation & insulating10)Imported Electricity Components and Important Parts.  
11)Short Steam Generating Time, Steam Standby All the time12)Modularized Parts for Easy Maintenance
13) Working All Day Long, Stable Pressure14)Waranty: One year
15) Inner Self Clean: Unique cleaning design of tank bottom, cleaning up the scale easily!16) Certification: CE (European Certificate) & National QS Test


10.RFQ on Steam Car Washer and Industrial Steam Cleaner:
(1) Question: What is steam cleaning?
     Steam cleaning is a deep cleaning process, which takes advantage of heat and pressure, as well as the combining characteristic of gas and liquid state. By effective working temperature of around 100 degree centigrade, steam can expand and soften the dust, degrade the oil stains and kill the germs for disinfection, this process is called "Thermal Decomposition". Then the high pressure will make the steam blow off all the dirties on the cleaned object surface. Steam is made of water liquid which is idea agent with characteristic of high density, flexibility and molecular force, can easily wash off the dirties. While gas like state will make steam can be sprayed in each dead corder for thoroughly cleaning.

(2) Questions: Does Steam hurt the car printing?
Answers: No.
     1) Characteristic of car paint. Car Paint is highly weather resistant and supposed to endure extreme cold and heat.
     2) Practice proof. It has been around 10 years history of steam car cleaning, and it is mainly applied to interior, extrerior and engine wash of expensive cars. Hengyan has customers specially managing car detailing for BMW, Benz, Audi,etc.
     3) Steam Charateristic. Steam is in gas/air like state. Different from hot water, it is easy to release the heat during the process of transportation. Thus even the highest temperature inside steam generator is 170-180°C or even higher, but after conveying in the 10 meters long hose, the output temperature will drop by 30-40°C and finally the Max temperature in steam gunjet nozzle will be around 120-140°C. Then when steam is exposed to the atmosphere, the temperature will drop fastly. In the distance of 20cm from steam gunjet nozzle, the steam temperature will drop to around 60°C. Our suggested cleaning distance between the cleaning object and steam gunjet nozzle is within 20cm. What's more, you can touch steam from far to near quickly to feel how hot and how dry the steam is.

(3) Questions: How steam works for cleaning a car?


    1) Put on protective eyewear and gloves, as well as taking any necessary safety precautions;
    2) For pure dry steam cleaning on car interior and engine, please spray the steam for seconds before cleaning, as the first time spraying steam, it will be cooled down by the normal temperature horse, or after shutting down the steam gunjet for a period of time, the hot steam inside the hose will be cooled down.
    3) Steam humidity adjustment. You can adjust the steam humidity by controling the red rotary knob switch for wet or dry steam according to car dirty exterior cleaning.
    4) Effective steam working distance and temperature. Please keep the distance between steam nozzle and the cleaning object within 20cm for effective working temperature of 60℃ to 100℃ around. If the surface is of heavy dirty, please make the distance lower for better cleaning effect.
    5) Steam cleaning process. Please do steam cleaning from near to far, from top to down, from right to left or left to right. Just keep the cleaning in one direction so that the dirty won't be drived back to the washed area by steam.
    6) To improve the cleaning efficiency, you can also spray some low shampoo or no shampoo detergent on the cleaning object surface or use appropriate glove and brush.
    7) Use towel to absorb the residual water drops and dirty. Even steam is very dry, but when face the cold oject surface, there would generate some water.

(4) Questions: How to judge steam and steam cleaner quality?
     Like a TCM doctor, we need to use “Watch, Hear, Ask, Feel, Wait” theory for the judgment on the steam.
     1) Watch. Watch the steam gunjet nozzle, the lighter the color is (sometimes will be blue color or very transparent), the better quality the steam is. Dry saturated steam is used for cleaning car interior, engine, dead corner and some tough dirties. And keep spraying the dry saturated steam for at least 5 minutes to see the stability of the steam. As for steam cleaner, dry steam is the core and most difficult technology, some steam cleaner could not afford dry steam spraying continuously. While“steam” comes out with white color, the more white it is, the wetter the “steam” is.
      2) Hear. Steam is air frog like something, when it comes out from the steam gunjet nozzle, it will have frictions with the nozzle, thus there will be some noise. But for steam cleaner itself, it is very quiet. Dry saturated steam sound is sharp and fluent. The higher pressure the steam is, the sharper the sound is. While wet steam or steam like hot micro water, the sound is lower, and sometimes it is not stable.
      3) Ask. You can ask the steam cleaner parameter and performance introduction from the manufacturer or internet. Normally in the global market, there are 6bar, 8bar, 10bar commercial and industrial saturated steam car washers and industrial saturated steam cleaners. Of course, if powered by a pump, we can make the "steam" in pressure as high as 15bar, 20bar or even higher, but it is not dry saturated steam, only "steam" like hot micro water, which is available for car exterior, but too wet for car interior&engine cleaning and some industrial cleaning.
       4) Feel. Steam is of high temperature, but you can use your hand to fast touch and feel it from far to near. Only by touching, can you feel the humidity and power of the steam. For dry saturated steam, very few water forms on your hand.
       5) Wait. Press the trigger of the steam gunjet, keep it spraying steam, especially dry saturated steam for at least 5 minutes. Heng'An steam cleaner can spray dry saturated steam and wet steam continously for 24hours.

(5) Questions: Which models of Heng'An Steam Car Washer is most suitable for me?
       1) For fixed car wash shop:
       A. 380V-420V 3ph electricity system, you are suggested to choose HF1090 or HF2090 for better cost performance with two steam gunjets for washing two cars at the same time.
       B. 220V-240V 1ph electricity system, HF1060 or HF2060 one gun steam car washer is available.
       2) For door to door mobile steam car wash services or other industrial commercial cleaning, the LPG liquefied petroleum gas model HA1190 is best choice with two steam gunjets for washing two cars at the same time too.


      As a top manufacturer on steam cleaners with more than 10 years' professional experience, Hengyan holds kinds of steam generating technologies which are specially applied in different cleaning requirement. Any inquiries or orders to Heng'An brand of steam car washer or industrial steam cleaners are warmly welcome. Distributorship and OEM issue, please also feel free to contact with Hengyan.


Mobile Steam Car Washer with Portable Vacuum Cleaner for Door to Door Car Wash